Miracles happen everywhere and to everybody but it is felt to those who believe in it.

Few days back me and my friend were travelling together to spend time after our hectic exams .We both were enjoying ourselves to the fullest. Suddenly…….

My Friend screaming “this is not possible ,this can’t be “I sitting next to her trying to console her.

We never expected this neither the ending but yeah miracles do happen .

When I and she were travelling somebody knocked out car’s window ,she was a beautiful woman ,small , innocent and pleasant looking women but she wasn’t smiling she was tensed .

My friend opened the window “what happened ma’am .Is there something we can help you with”

“Hey I am a teacher and one of the kids have fallen tremendously ill ,I need your help.”

We were convinced . Small boy with his head bleeding and all small children of age 5-6standing there horrified. We have him temporary treatment and asked the teacher that if could take him to the city for better treatment where we both lived .Teacher agreed and came along with us.He was laid at the back seat .After a while when my friend turned back she screamed ,there was blood all over .

We hurried .His treatment was impossible but it took a year to be successful his family settled in the city and my and my friends family supported them.

Years later here he is an IPS officer , fighting against all odds .

Miracle happened in a most beautiful way and we were chosen as a source of it.


Girls are weak?!

Is this statement true or we are just forced to believe this .

I once read that the second most painful thing a living being can bear is giving birth after burning alive yet women are the weakest . When I talk to people about empowering girls their answers would be “slowly and steadly changes are coming ” but the truth is the changes are not coming as it should have.See when we stand in our balcony we see a portion of sky but that doesn’t mean that that is the limit of sky when we stand in the ground we see larger portion of sky simarly we are surrounded by people who get education but that doesn’t mean everyone is being educated . Few days back I came across a girl whom I never saw going to school …when I asked her ,her mother came answered that today what is happening with girls dread them .

Every girl out there fight every day from men’s undignified stares yet they believe in themselves and this belief in themselves is provided by education .

Women aren’t the weakest because if they would they wouldn’t rise above the stares, the harresment ,the exclusion they face …they are who ,who inspires everyone to believe in themselves .

It’s bizzare how women are still considered as weak but truth is those who consider them as weak are the weakest because they want to compete with weak and that’s why they stop Women.

Women are courageous.